The regulations have certain rules about the review. Your application for a review can only be accepted if it meets the following legal criteria. Your request must:

  • Be made in writing
  • Be in English
  • Include with it a copy of your Local Authority CTR decision letter
  • Give reasons for the request of a review
  • Be signed by you, unless a court has appointed someone else to act on your behalf
  • Be sent within 42 days of the local authority review decision notification

If your application for a further review does not meet all these criteria, the CTRRP may have to return it to you and may not be able to consider your application at all unless you provide these details.

The application form to make a review application to the CTRRP is provided on this page. The form helps you gather the right information in a step-by-step way and has a checklist you can use to make sure that everything is included. There is also a guidance document to help complete the form and information around the CTRRP’s policy on claiming expenses.

Please Note: The CTRRP cannot accept appeal requests for Council Tax Benefit, only Council Tax Reduction review applications.


The Panel will hear reviews against Local Authority decisions regarding CTR after the Local Authority has carried out an internal review of the original decision requested by the applicants. The Panel will determine the procedure for this further review and will decide what, if any, additional information or documents should be requested in support of the review, ensuring that parties are able to make their best possible case. The Panel will then issue a clear, easily understood decision, usually following written representations, unless there is a request to have a review determined by an oral hearing. When required, the Local Authority must implement the Panel's decision as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Review Panel

The review is drawn from a judicial panel appointed by the Cabinet Secretary for Community Safety and Legal Affairs. Members of the panel have to be a suitable qualified and experienced tribunal judge and possess personal qualities appropriate to holders of judicial office. Independence and impartiality are among those qualities.

The composition of the review panel is set by the regulations. You do not have the right to choose. A list of the current members of the Council Tax Reduction Review Panel can be found here.


To ensure that applications are received and processed as quickly as possible, we ask that the application form is completed electronically and sent to us by email to: The application form can also be sent by post to the Glasgow Tribunals Centre, but there will be a delay in processing.

Furthermore, although the application form states that you may “attend a hearing”, please note that all hearings are being held by telephone at present due to social distancing measures that have been implemented, so there will be no face-to-face hearings until further notice. Video conference hearings may be introduced in due course. Alternatively, review applications can be determined on the available documentary evidence without a hearing, if preferred.

If you have any queries regarding the above information or about applying to the CTRRP in general, please phone us directly on 0141 302 5840.